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Four simple steps to better, safer drivers

AA Driver Training’s simple four-step approach is suitable for all drivers in any business.

In each step, we offer industry-leading assessments, online and in-vehicle, to provide customised, cost effective driving solutions specific to the needs of your business and particularly those ‘at risk’ drivers.

A customised corporate driver training programme from AA Driver Training educates drivers to understand risk and be able to make better, safer decisions.

Step one: assessing driving risk

We assess your drivers to identify those who are ‘at risk’. This filters out those drivers who don’t need training so you can spend your money wisely on those who do need it.

How we assess driving risk

Online driver risk assessment
In-vehicle driver assessment
AA Drive Safe in-vehicle monitoring system

Step two: analysing training needs

After assessing and identifying drivers who are 'at risk' in step one, we analyse the specific training needs of each of these drivers. We then provide a customised, informed solution that will achieve the right results for individuals, teams, and your company.

Step three: AA Driver Training

We provide high quality tailored in-house professional training programmes and coaching that focus on the specific needs of your drivers to improve control skills, behaviour and safety. We can incorporate your organisational policies that you feel are relevant for your people.

How we train your drivers

Defensive Driving Course for Experienced Drivers (DD ED)
Advanced Driver Coaching
Skill control programme

Step four: evaluating progress

See results and a return on your investment. We help you evaluate the success of your driver training through monitoring the improvements your staff are making with safer driving.

How we evaluate your driver’s progress

AA Drive Safe in-vehicle monitoring system
In-vehicle driver assessment

AA Driver Training for real business benefits

Commercial drivers are on the road much more than other drivers, so it’s no surprise that there’s a much higher risk of them being involved in a road crash.

“It’s estimated that work-related crashes – including commuter crashes – account for around half of all workplace deaths. Then there are the thousands more who are injured.”
Source: Your safe driving policy, ACC.

Who is applicable

AA Driver Training’s simple four-step programme applies to anyone who drives as part of their work.

  • Commercial Drivers: professional drivers whose vehicles are operating in a licensed transport service, e.g. truck, van, taxi, bus, and emergency services.
  • Employees who drive company-owned or pool vehicles for work, such as sales people and mobile service providers.
  • Occasional drivers whose main jobs are not driving for the company but who may drive from time to time between offices using company-owned vehicles.
  • Employees who drive their own vehicles for work have a responsibility to ensure both the driver and their vehicle are safe when they’re using their own vehicle for work.

Save your company money

Consider the measurable benefits your company can achieve by implementing our four-step approach.

  • Fulfilment of your ‘Duty of Care’ obligations.
  • Improved workplace safety rating.
  • Reduction in crashes through improved driver awareness, skills and behaviour.
  • Reduction in insurance premiums and excesses.
  • Reduction in sick pay, lost productivity, workforce downtime and legal costs.
  • Reduction in other on-road incidents, such as speeding fines.
  • Improved fuel efficiency through better driving.
  • Reduction in vehicle maintenance costs through less wear and tear
  • Potential reduction in ACC levies

As an employer it’s your responsibility to make sure your staff are safe in the workplace, and under the Health and Safety in Employment Act 1992 (HSE Act) the workplace extends to all vehicles used for work.

You can help contribute to safer roads and reduce your costs by making ‘safer driver training’ part of your company’s code of practice. Your staff will know exactly how much importance you place on keeping them safe on the roads.

AA Driver Training will support you in helping your staff become better, safer drivers.

Contact us now to speak to a member of our team to discuss how we can help your drivers become safer on the road.

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