Safe driving policy

A safe driving policy is easy to set up and can save you money

No matter what kind of company you run, how big it is or how many vehicles you have in your fleet, implementing even small safe driving initiatives can reduce injuries, save lives and save your business money.

Meet your obligations

A safe driving policy helps you meet your obligations under the Health & Safety at Work Act 2016 (HASW).

It's important that once you've created a safe driving policy you incorporate it into your business's health and safety policy and procedures. You must ensure all workers know about it, especially those who drive as part of their jobs.

Why not make the safe driving policy part of your company's Code of Conduct? Then your drivers will know exactly how much importance you put on keeping safe on the roads.

The NZTA and ACC booklet “Your safe driving policy” helps businesses manage work-related road safety and meet the obligations of the Act.

Our recommendations will guide you on the right path to creating a Safe Driving Policy for your own company.

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Need a little help getting started? AA Driver Training has put together a sample template that can be amended to suit your company requirements.

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