Help in your hour of need

A tradie on a Saturday... usually within the hour? No, seriously! 

It’s Saturday. You’ve got the house looking great, and you’re all set for the out-of-town family to arrive later on.

 But when you check the guest room, the light won’t turn on. Maybe it’s just the bulb… But the fan won’t turn on either. Or the lamp. In fact, half of the house doesn’t seem to have any power.

 Who on earth will come out on a Saturday – during the holidays no less – before your family arrive?

 It’s everyone’s worst nightmare. Time is getting away and you don’t know what has gone wrong. Whichever way you look at it, having an emergency at home, particularly on a Saturday, is stress that nobody needs.

The solution?
Save yourself the entire headache and hassle with AA Home Response.

 AA Home Response works similarly to the AA vehicle breakdown service we all know and have probably relied on before. Whatever time, any day of the year, you’re covered.

Forget spending hours Googling trying to find an available tradesperson and then hoping they will arrive. If you find yourself in a range of unfortunate situations at home, as an AA Home Response subscriber you could get an AA Home approved tradesperson to your place, usually within the hour.

An AA Home Response subscription covers you for a range of household emergencies, including electrical, plumbing and locksmith related incidents. If the tradesperson can’t fix the situation then and there, they will make the area safe and give you some guidance. Where possible, they’ll also provide an obligation-free quote so you can get the problem fixed.

AA Home Response is seriously affordable, starting from just $34 per year for AA Members, plus the cost of the callout.

Knowing that someone will be there – and be there quickly – for the hassles that inevitably happen at the worst time, makes an AA Home Response subscription well worth it.

How do I make sure I'm covered
It takes a few minutes to sign up online. Click here to see the subscription options and get yourself an AA Home Response subscription for peace of mind, all year round.

AA Home Response connects you with reliable AA Home Tradespeople 2/7, 365 days a years, for those unexpected emergencies around the home.