Heat Pump and Air Conditioning Services

AA Home can help you with your air conditioner or heat pump maintenance and repair

Is your air conditioning unit not working the way it used to?

No air conditioning unit should noticeably lose efficiency over time if installed and maintained correctly.

But, over time your unit may clog up with dust or lose gas as a result of poor installation. Airborne dirt and dust trapped in indoor filters and coils is a big drain on the efficiency of your air conditioning unit and if it's not removed, power consumption can jump up by 10% to 35%. 

Insects, leaves, dirt and debris around the outdoor coil can seriously reduce airflow, and in some cases cause complete coil and compressor failure.


A regular service from trusted and expert AA Home Air Conditioning Specialists ensures your air conditioning unit delivers peak performance, continuous comfort and could prolong its life. 


Healthier air in your home

Most importantly, the health of everyone in your home is enhanced when the air is cleaner and free from pollens and dust that become trapped in filters.

How often should air conditioners or heat pumps be serviced?

It is recommended they are serviced annually. An estimated 90% of failures are due to the units not being cleaned correctly.

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Tasks carried out during maintenance services are:

 Clean and sanitise filters

  • Check refrigerant levels and operating pressures and make sure it's running at optimal levels

  • Check for plants/insects blocking the outdoor unit

  • Check the fan motor is running correctly

  • Check the drain is flowing well

  • Check connections for wear tightness

  • Check remote batteries.

Below are common issues that requires a repair or service:

  • Heat pump or air conditioning not turning on

  • Not heating or cooling

  • Making unusual noise

  • Leaking water. 

Check out the list of incidents covered by AA Home Book a Job here or read through the frequently asked questions for more information on the service.    

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