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Whatever you may need a home inspection for, AA Home can help. With our partner, Betta Group, you will be provided with detailed information about your property, and equipped with this knowledge, you can make well-informed decisions and rest assured knowing you're protecting yourself and your family.

AA Home has various home inspection services on offer. Click on the services below to find out more, then conveniently book online.



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Pre-Purchase/Sale Building Inspections

Pre-purchase/sale building inspection reports are important before making an offer on a property. It helps buyers feel confident with what they are purchasing, assists in the sale process and provides transparency. Also, it is often required by a bank and insurance company when purchasing a property.

The home inspection report offered by Betta Inspect It on behalf of AA Home is both comprehensive and easy to understand. It consists of a concise summary page, followed by a "traffic light" rating system indicating the level of concern for various issues. The report also includes photographs of major defects and maintenance concerns, ensuring you have a clear visual representation of any potential problems giving you the peace of mind to protect yourself and your family from the unknown. These reports are readily accepted by banks and lending institutions.

All the inspectors are members of the IBI (Institute of Building Inspectors) and hold full industry qualifications. They carry full Professional Indemnity Insurance and Public Liability coverage.

We provide detailed reports customised for your home:

  • Outline major defects and significant maintenance issues.
  • Provide photographic evidence of any defects or issues noted.
  • Articulate the building inspectors’ level of concern via a ‘traffic light’ system.
  • Be written with complete independence to provide comfort and peace of mind.
  • Compliant with the NZ Standard for Residential Property Inspections.
  • Quick turn-around time.

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Rental Property Inspections

Rental property inspections to help you comply with new laws

The rental property inspection report offered by Betta Property Compliance on behalf of AA Home is both comprehensive and easy to understand. It consists of a concise summary page, followed by a "traffic light" rating system indicating the level of concern for various issues.

The inspector can do a one-off inspection, or it can be done on a regular basis at periods stipulated by you.

Rental property inspections undertaken by a professional to make life easy.

  • Rental property inspection undertaken by an independent party so there is no conflict between you and the tenant.
  • Compliance with your insurance requirements
  • Full documentation for Tenancy Tribunal
  • Tax deductible expense
  • No regular site visits required by you  

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Methamphetamine Testing

Are you satisfied your potential home or investment property does not have hidden methamphetamine or ‘P’ contamination problem?

A Meth testing report will give you the certainly that there is not a meth issue with your property or potential investment. As part of the meth testing offered by Betta Inspect It on behalf of AA Home, inspectors will take swab samples from high-risk locations throughout the property using a methanol dampened gauze swab provided by an IANZ accredited laboratory. These are then couriered to an IANZ accredited laboratory operating to NZS ISO/IEC 17025:2005 standard for processing and testing for the presence of methamphetamine.

The lab will report their findings back to the inspector via a lab sheet. The inspector will then complete your report and release this to you, via a secure web link.

Methamphetamine testing to give you peace of mind about your potential home or investment property.

  • The report will be completed by trained testing agents and tested by an independent IANZ accredited lab.
  • Photographs of areas sampled for complete clarity and easy to understand report.
  • Provided within a quick time frame.

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Asbestos Testing

Living alongside asbestos is dangerous for your health.

If you own a home or are purchasing a property built before 1990 with any fibre cement-based products or a textured ceiling, the property may contain asbestos. Our asbestos testing offered by Betta Inspect It on behalf of AA Home will remove any doubt.

Getting these potentially harmful products tested will ensure you are not taking any unnecessary risks and you will know exactly what disruptions and financials costs you could be up for.

Asbestos testing ensures you and your family are kept safe from any potential health effects associated with asbestos.

  • All samples are tested by an IANZ Accredited lab.
  • Completely independent testing process ensuring you are protected.
  • Is undertaken by industry-trained testing agents.
  • The areas where samples have been removed are sealed after testing to ensure you and your family do not suffer any potential health implications from the removal of the sample.
  • The report is easy to read and understand.

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AA Home can help with your Healthy Homes compliance

From 1 July 2021, landlords must ensure their rental properties comply with the New Zealand Government’s healthy homes standards within 120 days of all new, varied, or renewed tenancy agreements from 28 August 2022 (previously this timeframe was 90 days).

The standards cover five main areas:

 For more information please visit https://www.tenancy.govt.nz/healthy-homes/

Healthy Home Inspection services are conducted by Betta Property Compliance on behalf of AA Home.

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What are the healthy home standards?

Heating icon Heating

The main living room must have an approved fixed heater capable of heating the room to a minimum of 18 degrees Celsius. In most cases, this will be a larger fixed heating device like an electric heater, heat pump, wood burner, or flued gas heater. Open fires or unfuelled combustion heaters don’t count.

Our assessments are conducted based on the lounge/living area, however if there is no door between the lounge and kitchen (open plan), then the kitchen will be included in the floor area calculations.

For more information please visit https://www.tenancy.govt.nz/healthy-homes/heating-standard/

Insulation icon Insulation

To meet the healthy homes standards, existing ceiling insulation must be at least 120mm thick, be in reasonable condition (no dampness, mould or gaps), and meet the 2008 Building Code minimum R-value for your zone. Also, underfloor insulation must meet a minimum R-value of 1.3.

For more information please visit https://www.tenancy.govt.nz/healthy-homes/insulation-standard/
 Ventilation icon Ventilation

Your living room, dining room, kitchen and bedrooms, must have an opening window, door or skylight that opens to the outdoors and can be fixed open. The openable area must be at least 5% of the floor area of the room.

All kitchens and bathrooms must have extractor fans that are vented to the outside. The kitchen must have exhaust ducts of at least 150mm in diameter or a capacity of at least 50 litres per second. Ones in bathrooms must be 120mm diameter or 25 litres per second.

For more information please visit https://www.tenancy.govt.nz/healthy-homes/ventilation-standard/

Draught Stopping iconDraught Stopping

As a rule of thumb, gaps or holes with a width greater than 3mm in or around the walls, ceilings, windows, doors and floors that let air into or out of the home will usually require blocking to prevent unreasonable draughts.

For more information please visit https://www.tenancy.govt.nz/healthy-homes/draught/

Moisture iconMoisture Ingress and Drainage

Rental homes with ‘enclosed’ subfloor spaces must have a ground moisture barrier. A subfloor space is considered enclosed if 50% or more is enclosed by anything that redirects airflow under the property.

There must be efficient drainage for the removal of storm, surface and groundwater. Gutters must be present and not blocked or broken. Spouting, downpipes and drains need to be in good condition and working effectively.

For more information please visit https://www.tenancy.govt.nz/healthy-homes/moisture-and-drainage-standard/

Healthy homes standards

Check out the full details of the healthy homes standards and exemptions at: https://www.tenancy.govt.nz/healthy-homes

Who do these standards impact?

The healthy homes standards affect landlords and their tenants. Landlords are required by law to meet the minimum housing requirements set out in the healthy homes standards. If a landlord is non-compliant, a tenant can apply to the Tenancy Tribunal for a monetary order and/or a work order. The Tribunal may award a financial penalty of up to $4,000 against the landlord, which is usually paid to the tenant.

For further information please visit https://www.tenancy.govt.nz/healthy-homes/healthy-homes-compliance-timeframes/. This link will give you some information on which organisations it also affects i.e.. transitional housing, Kainga Ora.

When do property fixes need to be completed by?

From 1 July 2021, landlords must ensure that all rental homes comply with the standards within 120 days of any new or renewed tenancy. By 1 July 2025, all private rental homes must comply, regardless of when the tenancy began.

Here are some frequently asked questions for more information on the service.    

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