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   Josh Wansbrough - Plumbing Express 

AA Home Response contractor Josh Wansbrough says with AA Home Response systems and processes, they are able to deliver more & better than before. 

Tell us something about yourself. Your background, passion etc..

I recently bought my first house which was a huge achievement for me as I have done it myself through hard work and a lot of saving. I am currently undertaking renovations which takes up most of my spare time when I’m not at work, but it helps when you've got a good friend who is also in the trades as a qualified builder. 

How long you have been in this business? When did you join AA Home Response?
Plumbing Express was started back in 1994 by my mother's cousin, Vince Gregan. I started my apprenticeship with Plumbing Express after I left school at the end of 5th form and have been with the company ever since. I have spent the last 12 years or so working my way up in the company to now being General Manager and part owner of Plumbing Express. We started doing work with AA Home Response back in November of last year, so only a few months, but it has been great so far. As a company we look forward to growing our business with this new and exciting product AA is offering

How has business been since your company became a contractor with AA Home Response?
Business has certainly been on the up and up with more and more jobs coming through from the team at AA Home Response. It has also been a great learning process for our guys with getting them to focus a bit more on processes with the system that AA Home Response use.

Describe a typical day on the job…
A typical day on the job for me starts at around 7am when I arrive at the office and get all the computers fired up ready for when our guys arrive at 7:30. We have a meeting for around half an hour to go over yesterday's work and any issues that may have arisen as well as looking at the jobs we have on for the day ahead. The guys are out on the road by 8am and I then go over all of the prior days jobs and get them all reconciled and ready to be invoiced. I usually then head out on the road to meet some of our customers requiring quotes for work they would like done. I will also catch up with our guys, as well as our main contractors out on sites to see how things are progressing and that everything is on track. Then it's usually back to the office to write up the quotes and do a bit of office work. Between all this I will usually do a few urgent jobs that have popped up during the day. 

What are the best bits?
The best bit for me would be the flexibility of my position where I can spend a few hours in the office then be out on the road heading to an urgent job, or catching up with our guys or other contractors we work with out in the field.

Give us some story / experience that you cherish…  
When someone in our company finishes their apprenticeship we will all go out to dinner with the team and their families to celebrate. When I finished my apprenticeship it happened to be around the time that universities were also graduating. The owner of the company had a great idea to get me a cap and gown to wear out for dinner so everyone around knew that I had also graduated my qualification. I was reluctant at first but then walking around town when everyone was congratulating me, it was a great feeling to have made it through my apprenticeship.


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