Locked out of the house ? We'll be there!

Locked out of the house with the grocery shopping? Don’t panic!

We’ve all been there before – you’ve just arrived home from the grocery store with the full week’s shopping in tow. You reach for your house key… and it isn’t there.

Then you remember coming home last night in a rush, and putting your key on the dining table. Just on the other side of the locked front door.

Before you start wondering whether there is a window you could squeeze through, there is a much easier option!

What is the solution?

Call AA Home Response, and they can usually be there within the hour. If you’ve been locked out of your car and called the AA Roadservice, you’ll be familiar with how this works.

A subscription covers you for a range of household emergencies, including locksmith related incidents, so whether you’re simply locked out, or have a problem with the lock (like the key breaking in it), an AA Home Response subscription has you covered.

If there’s further work that needs to be carried out, the locksmith can also provide an obligation-free quote so you can get the problem fixed at your convenience.

There are two different subscription options to suit a range of circumstances. AA Home Response starts from just $34 per year for AA Members, plus the cost of the callout.

If you own more than one home (including homes you rent to tenants) or have frequent callouts, an AA Home Response Plus subscription may be a better option for you. An annual subscription starts from only $155* and includes six free callouts – plus unlimited additional callouts on a pay per use basis.

I need a locksmith now, and I don’t have an AA Home Response subscription!

Don’t worry – you can sign up for AA Home Response immediately and pay a call out fee. Someone will usually be able to attend the incident within an hour of joining.

AA Home Response is also available at no charge for AA Insurance Home and Landlord customers.

For more information browse the Frequently Asked Questions.

*AA Home Response Plus Subscription price of $155 per year is for AA Insurance home & landlord customers and $189 per year for AA Members & other AA Insurance customers (standard price $209). 

AA Home Response connects you with reliable AA Home Tradespeople 2/7, 365 days a years, for those unexpected emergencies around the home.