Smart roads TN

The road ahead

New technologies are being used on New Zealand’s highways. Collectively, they’re a rather cool and futuristic take on how to manage growing cities and changing environments

Julie Anne TN

Champion for change

Dylan Thomsen meets the new Associate Minister of Transport.

Crash causes TN

Crash causes: what happened?

Simon Douglas reports on a study of the causes of road accidents.


Electric vehicles: switched on

All you need to know about buying a second-hand EV, by Rachel Ellis.

Car review TN

Bentley Bentayga: big and bold

Jacqui Madelin test drives a seriously luxurious classic.

Road rules TN

Road rules - changing speeds

Last December the speed limit on two of New Zealand’s newest and safest roads rose to 110km/h.

Driving to the conditions

Smart driving

Being fully aware of the conditions in which you are driving and making some minor changes can be the difference between having enough time and space to avoid a crash, or not.


Meet the Car of the Year

The Mercedes-Benz E-Class took home the Car of the Year 2016 trophy, it was its many high-tech safety features that impressed AA Motoring Services General Manager Stella Stocks.

Driverless cars INP

Robots on wheels

Driverless cars are going to change the world of mobility. The only question is when.

SP Hero

Pay and walk away

New smart phone technology is making it less hassle to find and pay for a car park.

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