AA Roadservice now covers bicycles, electric bikes and e-scooters

More AA Members are choosing bicycles and e-scooters for their daily commute, so we've extended AA Roadservice to cover regular bicycle breakdowns, e-scooters in addition to e-bikes which we are already covering. 

Our service will be provided as part of both our standard AA Membership and AA Plus Membership, at no additional cost or sign up.

If you're an AA Member and you break down on a bicycle or an eBike, you can call us on 0800 500 222 (or *222 on your mobile) for assistance, as you usually would.

How we'll help

Bicycles and e-bikes

In most cases we'll fix the problem at the roadside and have you safely on your way. We'll provide you with expert advice and, if extra support is needed, we'll arrange for you and your bicycle or eBike to get to the nearest place of safety or repair.

The service will be recovery only via Uber/taxi, meaning an Uber/taxi will transport the Member and their e-scooter to their home or place of repair/charge should they breakdown.
This service will only cover personally owned e-scooters, not rentals.


For Standard AA Members we will contribute $55 towards your taxi trip home.

If you're an AA Plus Member we'll take you all the way home or to you preferred place of repair.

AA Membership terms and conditions apply.


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