Membership options and fees

With your personal AA Membership it doesn't matter what car you're in. And it doesn't matter whether you're the driver or the passenger.

Your AA Membership covers you, not the vehicle.

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See our AA Membership terms and conditions for more details

Becoming an AA Member

Membership options

We have three Membership options to choose from when you first join:

  • Associate Membership
    A discount is available if your spouse/partner is already an AA Member and living at the same address as you.
  • Youth Membership
    There are discounts available for youth aged up to, and including, 19 years.


Pricing varies with where you live in New Zealand and the type of Membership you choose.

Type Auckland* Rest of NZ
Personal Membership
Standard option
$99 $89
Associate Membership $49.50 $44.50
Youth Membership $50.00 $50.00

Discounts based on length of Membership

You'll receive discounts based on the number of years you've been an AA Member.  Once you’ve been a Member for 10 or more years consecutively you also receive unlimited Roadservice call outs.

Length of Membership Auckland* Rest of NZ Callouts
After 1 year $99 $89 6 free per year
2 years - 10% discount $89.10 $80.10 6 free per year
3-4 years - 20% discount $79.20 $71.20 6 free per year
5-9 years - 25% discount $74.25 $66.75 6 free per year
10-24 years - 25% discount $74.25 $66.75 Unlimited
25-49 years - 33% discount $66.30 $59.60 Unlimited
50+ years - 50% discount $49.50 $44.50 Unlimited

* Based on New Zealand Post postcodes 0600-2697 as at November 2008 (excludes 0900-0920 and 0972-0986).

Upgrade your membership for extra benefits

  • AA Plus
    This gives you additional benefits that are well worth having if you travel out of town often - or for the occasional trip.
  • AA Motorhome Plus
    This will give you road service assistance and other extra benefits when you're travelling in your motorhome or travel out of town often - even if you just take the occasional trip.


Type Pricing
AA Plus 
Additional benefits well worth having, especially if you travel a lot
$54 extra per year
or $27 extra per year if your spouse or partner living with you already has AA Plus
AA Motorhome Plus
Provides AA Roadservice assistance for your motorhome and other extra benefits 
$80 extra per year



Compare the benefits


Membership Benefits AA Membership AA Plus Membership AA Motorhome Plus
24-hour AA Roadservice
Breakdown assistance      
Battery service      
Key lockout service      
Tyre change service      
Free temporary side glass replacement*      
Tow to safety      
Other benefits
Free motorist technical advice      
AA Member discounts      
AA Directions Magazine      
Reciprocal services overseas      
Emergency fuel delivery      
Shattered windscreen assistance      
Discounted insurance**      
Full vehicle recovery      
Rental car      
Emergency accommodation      
Alternative ground transport home      
Emergency travel assistance      
Medical assistance      
Friends and family contact service      

* Service available in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and most provincial areas.  Some services only apply if your breakdown occurs more than 100km from home and your vehicle cannot be repaired on the same day. Callout limits and rental car restrictions apply.

**Available when you take out or renew an eligible policy and provide us with your valid personal AA Membership number.

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