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Pick up your free AA Smartfuel card at BP, Caltex or any of our participating stores, register it online and start saving on fuel! If you're an AA Member then click on the AA Membership card.

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Tips and tricks.

Check these out and save even more on fuel, faster!

Hey, I'm Edward. I know all the tips & tricks, so you can save heaps on fuel.
  • Triple your fuel savings by accumulating.

  • Save more at 2,000+ places.

  • Your fuel discounts last up to two months.

  • Watch your savings grow with the free app.

  • Combine all your family's savings.

  • Save even more with the latest fuel offers.

Where can I collect savings?

You can earn AA Smartfuel discounts at 2,000+ places, including at online stores such as ASOS, StrawberryNET and Hallensteins.

See it in action

We all have our own way of shopping and filling up. Here are some real life ways people are saving boatloads with AA Smartfuel.

How's it being used?

Check out some of the cool stories we're seeing on Facebook from people using AA Smartfuel. This is how it's done!

Smart fuel saved me $89!!!! My biggest saving to date!!!!

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Ian Lloyd

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Noema-Tihi Ft ...

Thanks Guys for this wonderful idea.

Utsav Vaidya

Free 98 thanks aa smartfuel 👌👌✌✌👍👍

Tom Campbell

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Cheri Birch

Thank you for the wonderful prize made my week

Aaron Wells

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