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Hyundai launch

17 February 2017

Is the new Hyundai IONIQ set to become iconic? We tested the new EV.

Launched by Hyundai under the scenic hills of Queenstown, this car is all-new, purpose built from the ground up and will be available in three platforms – hybrid, PHEV (plug-in hybrid), and all out fu... Read more

buyers remorse

13 February 2017

Buyer’s remorse

Buyer’s remorse – that feeling of regret after a rush purchase has been made – is something we hear about from our Members relatively frequently. Impulse decisions to splash out on a car, despite thos... Read more

Air con 2

10 February 2017

Check your cooling system

During the summer months, temperatures can get extremely high both inside and outside the car. Sitting in slow moving traffic can quickly cause engine temperatures to soar, which can take its toll on ... Read more

petrol watch resized

9 February 2017

February 2017 petrol and diesel prices

Petrol and diesel prices as at 8 February 2017 The national price of all fuels has fallen 2 cents per litre. This is not due to a drop in commodity prices or a rise in the exchange rate – both are sta... Read more


8 February 2017

Euro NCAP video shows safety improvements over the past 20 years

Euro NCAP has marked the 20th anniversary of its European safety scheme by revealing crash test footage of two cars that were built 20 years apart. The video compares a 1997 Rover 100 and a 2017 Honda... Read more

Frank in harness

2 February 2017

Avoiding a hairy situation

As dogs, cats and other pets are considered part of the family, they often accompany owners on weekends away and trips to the park. Whether it’s on a long journey or just a quick outing down the road,... Read more

car 1509852 1920

31 January 2017

Don’t underestimate the importance of a road test

When buying a new car, the importance of a road test is sometimes overlooked. A good road test will allow you to see if a vehicle meets your personal requirements. You will soon know if the performanc... Read more

rolls royce 753315 1920

25 January 2017

Rolls-Royce reveals seven bespoke cars that were built for the super rich

The extraordinary designers, engineers and craftspeople at the marque’s centre of excellence in Goodwood, England means that practically every car that leaves the home of Rolls-Royce is now bespoke.  ... Read more


24 January 2017

Why does a 5 star ANCAP safety rating matter?

Between January and December 2016, 45 vehicles available in Australia and New Zealand were tested by ANCAP and 43 of those vehicles received a 5 star safety rating – the maximum score available. Two m... Read more

Air con

17 January 2017

The science behind your air con

The temperature’s rising, and when it’s so hot outside that your ice-cream melts in seconds, you will certainly at some point be seeking cool relief in your car if you’re hitting the road this summer.... Read more

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