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23 June 2017

Conserving your EV power this winter

Even when fully charged, most EVs can’t travel as far as petrol or diesel vehicles with a full tank of fuel. However, the average Kiwi travels a daily distance of less than 29km by car, which is easil... Read more

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22 June 2017

June 2017 petrol and diesel prices

Petrol and diesel prices as at 22 June 2017 Fuel prices have fallen again, the second time in a week, with BP dropping prices on all fuels by 2 cents per litre. Overall, pump prices have fallen 16cpl ... Read more

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21 June 2017

Reading between the lines of a used vehicle advertisement

Many of our members ask us how to describe and market their vehicle when they want to sell it. They often have difficulty describing their vehicle even when they’ve been behind the wheel of their 1984... Read more

Friendly car horn

19 June 2017

Former NASA engineer hacks his car's horn to make it more friendly

There are few moments when driving that raise the blood pressure more than when you’re on the receiving end of another driver’s aggressive car horn for the most insignificant reason. For example, mayb... Read more

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19 June 2017

What is AEB and what does it do?

We hear plenty about crashes that happen on our roads. What we don’t get any visibility on are those that could have happened, but didn’t. Over the last two or three decades, car makers have spent cou... Read more

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14 June 2017

The pros and cons of car auctions

Vehicle auctions are ideal for those who are looking for a used vehicle or something that’s extra special and more difficult to find. They’re becoming increasingly popular both online and at auction h... Read more

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12 June 2017

Have you made the switch lately?

Have you ever looked under your shoes and noticed that one area of the sole is more worn than the other? The way you walk causes wear in certain areas and the same happens with your car and its tyres.... Read more

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8 June 2017

What can you expect from a luxury SUV?

The luxury SUV is becoming an increasingly common sight on our roads. Many buyers in the market for a premium vehicle are drawn to the practicality and the high-end features that these vehicles have t... Read more

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6 June 2017

Annoying characteristics to look out for as your car gets older

Such is life: no matter who or what it is, some things just don’t age gracefully, including our beloved vehicles. Breakages, leaks and smells happen from time to time. While some can be serious and ot... Read more


31 May 2017

Vehicles that hold their value

When the time comes to upgrade your car, it makes sense to consider the value it will hold. It’s rare to sell your car for more than you paid for it – cars aren’t like the Auckland housing market – bu... Read more

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