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21 April 2017

Are new car service plans worth it?

Until you find yourself searching the new car market, you may be unaware of service packages. We get calls from AA Members buying a brand new car for the first time, who doubt the value of them and, o... Read more

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21 April 2017

Buying a new car? Look out for modified vehicles

Millions of dollars are spent designing new vehicles, but for some owners, the end result isn’t exactly what they want. There are always car owners who want to tailor the design of their vehicle to me... Read more

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10 April 2017

April 2017 petrol and diesel prices

Petrol and diesel prices as at 8 April 2017 Fuel prices rose 2 cents per litre over the weekend, following a 3cpl rise in the imported cost of fuel. This was initially caused by rising oil prices, but... Read more

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10 April 2017

Maintenance tips to help prevent a WoF failure

It’s not wise to wait until your Warrant of Fitness is due to find out if your car needs attention. After all, it goes without saying that your car should be properly maintained and safe to drive at a... Read more

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10 April 2017

The ultimate guide to negotiating with a private seller

If you’re not a trained salesperson, negotiation can be a tricky beast to master. You’re looking for a new car, you have a modest budget and those cars listed in the private sales market seem very app... Read more

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3 April 2017

Keyless entry and push-button start

Keyless entry with push-button start first appeared in 1998 on the Mercedes-Benz S-Class. Branded by the manufacturer as Key-Less-Go, it’s now fast becoming the norm for new vehicles. Once you’ve expe... Read more

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28 March 2017

Why changing your oil isn’t enough

Nobody particularly enjoys taking their car in to have a service. Not only does it cost money, there is a risk more work might be needed. It’s not necessarily surprising then that some motorists prefe... Read more

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27 March 2017

Be aware of damaged vehicles

Sometimes damaged vehicles enter the New Zealand market. On 13 February 2017, 30 vehicles being brought in to New Zealand were recorded as being damaged on the New Zealand Transport Agency’s (NZTA) sy... Read more

Flat tyre

24 March 2017

How do I know if I have a flat tyre?

It only takes a small hole in your tyre to cause a flat. Tyre punctures are more commonly caused by a slow leak rather than a tyre blowing out at speed, making them harder to notice straight away. Onc... Read more

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21 March 2017

Why are utes so popular?

Utes used to be a popular choice of vehicle for farmers and tradespeople due to their payload, size and reliability. However, these features alone no longer cut the mustard with today’s consumers now ... Read more

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