Fuel media releases

30 June 2015

PetrolWatch – June 2015: Taxes going up and down, but fuel prices should be falling

Petrol tax collected to fund New Zealand’s land transport system is increasing 3 cents per litre on 1 July, the third of three scheduled annual tax increases. However, at the same time ACC is reducing... Read more

8 June 2015

PetrolWatch – May 2015: Price war ceasefire

Fuel prices in many parts of the country rose a total of 2 cents per litre during May, but in other areas the price rise was much higher as the long-running price discount war suddenly came to an end.... Read more

1 May 2015

PetrolWatch - April 2015: Petrol prices over $2 for the first time since December

Rising commodity prices mean the price of 91 octane petrol has risen over $2 per litre for the first time since early December, says AA PetrolWatch. The price of petrol rose 10 cents during April, to ... Read more

7 April 2015

PetrolWatch - Mar 2015: Fuel prices ebb and flow

After climbing 16 cents per litre during February, petrol prices continued to rise during March before falling later in the month. They initially rose 4 cents per litre before falling 4 cents to end t... Read more

2 February 2015

PetrolWatch – Jan 2015: Fuel prices lowest in nearly five years

After a run of 22 straight price cuts in a row since October, petrol prices fell to their lowest levels since May 2010, and diesel to prices not seen since 2009. Petrol prices fell 17 cents per litre ... Read more

1 December 2014

PetrolWatch – Nov 2014: Petrol prices edge down towards $2 per litre

National petrol prices have edged closer to $2 a litre for the first time in two-and-a-half years. Petrol prices fell 8 cents per litre during November, with the price of 91 octane ending the month on... Read more

4 November 2014

PetrolWatch - October 2014: Four price cuts as commodity prices fall

Retail fuel prices fell four times during October as commodity prices fell for the fourth month in a row. Both petrol and diesel prices fell 8 cents per litre during the month, with the price of 91 oc... Read more

1 October 2014

PetrolWatch – Sep 2014: Lower exchange rate means higher fuel prices

Fuel prices rose 4 cents per litre during September, initially rising 2 cents at the beginning of the month and another 2 cents at the very end. The cost of petrol at most service stations in the main... Read more

1 September 2014

PetrolWatch - Aug 2014: Lower petrol prices match falls in commodity prices

Petrol pump prices fell 4 cents per litre during August, but there was no change in diesel prices. Excluding sites discounting pump prices, the cost of petrol at most service stations in the main cent... Read more

1 August 2014

PetrolWatch – July 2014: AA says pump prices should be dropping

Despite a falling exchange rate, the AA says petrol prices should be falling too. “Since the last price cut on 10 July, global petrol commodity prices have fallen nearly 10 US cents per litre. Allowin... Read more

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