Fuel media releases

1 April 2014

PetrolWatch - Mar 2014: Fuel prices fall, but not far enough

Fuel prices fell during March, but the AA says retailers should be cutting prices further.

3 March 2014

PetrolWatch – Feb 2014: Fuel prices rise for the first time in two months

Fuel prices rose two cents per litre in late February, the first price change in six weeks.

1 February 2014

PetrolWatch – Jan 2013: Fuel prices down and up

Petrol prices rose slightly during January, ending the month 1 cent higher than at the start.

3 December 2013

PetrolWatch - Nov 2013: Prices up for the first time in 3 months

After seven weeks without any change in prices, petrol and diesel rose 3 cents per litre at the end of November. The price of 91 octane petrol rose to $2.15 per litre in the main centres, with diesel climbing to $1.53 per litre at most service stations.

1 November 2013

PetrolWatch - Oct 2013: Strong Kiwi dollar offsets higher commodity prices

Petrol prices fell 5 cents per litre at the beginning of October, with diesel down only 2 cents per litre, before rising commodity prices put a stop to further pump price cuts.

1 October 2013

PetrolWatch - Sep 2013: Fuel prices drop 8 cents with more cuts due

Petrol and diesel prices fell 8 cents per litre during September, and the AA says fuel companies should be cutting prices further.

2 September 2013

PetrolWatch - Aug 2013: Diesel prices reach highest level in 21 months

Diesel prices rose 7 cents through August to finish at $1.60 a litre at most service stations, the highest diesel prices have been since November 2011.

30 August 2013

Accolades for innovative fuel discount scheme

AA Smartfuel is on a path towards creating a new discount currency in New Zealand.

6 August 2013

Aucklanders worst out of fuel offenders

Cars are more fuel efficient these days but drivers still run out of gas and Aucklanders are the worst offenders.

4 June 2013

PetrolWatch - May 2013: Falling dollar leads to higher fuel prices

A 10-week run of falling fuel prices came to an end in mid-May with petrol prices rising 7 cents per litre, and diesel 4 cents during the month.

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