Going Solo

Welcome to Going Solo, a guide to excellent parent-teen driver partnerships.

In the 6 months after getting a restricted licence, young drivers - both males and females - are involved in more crashes than any other driving group (including learner drivers).

Going Solo explains how parents and teen drivers can set up key driving practice and coaching partnerships to promote safe driving habits for life. As teen drivers experience a variety of risk situations, parental guidance will help teens drive safely when they gain their restricted licence and drive independently.

Going Solo provides:

Going Solo was produced by the New Zealand AA Driver Education Foundation, in partnership with the University of Waikato’s Traffic & Road Safety Research Group (TARS), Monash University’s Accident Research Centre (MUARC) and Mobil Oil New Zealand Limited.

The AA Driver Education Foundation (AA DEF) is a non-profit organisation that works to improve driving standards in New Zealand through the promotion of driver education initiatives.

Waikato’s TARS group is New Zealand’s leading road safety research centre. TARS has provided science-based information for drivers, educators, engineers, and road-controlling authorities since 1993, earning it an international reputation.

MUARC (Australia) is one of the world’s leading injury prevention research centres and was responsible for developing the Going Solo initiative – one of the first publications worldwide to provide clear information for parents on young solo driver risk factors and strategies to promote safer driving.

The Going Solo booklet is proudly supported and funded by Mobil Oil New Zealand Limited.

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