AA Auckland District Council

The AA’s Auckland District Council represents the mobility interests of the 285,000 AA Members and other motorists living in the Auckland region. The boundaries of the AA’s Auckland District are the same as the local government boundaries for the Auckland Super City.

Working on behalf of AA Members

Infrastructure plans and strategies

On behalf of Auckland motorists, the AA is closely engaged with the plans and strategies that will shape Auckland’s transport infrastructure future.  Two key documents are Auckland Transport’s Integrated Transport Programme (the 30-year investment programme to deliver on the transport goals of the Auckland Plan) and Auckland Council’s Long-Term Plan.  As these documents are developed and debated, the AA will ensure that the views and interests of motorists are strongly represented. 

Infrastructure funding

In addition to project choice and prioritisation, the issue of project funding is an important concern for the AA.  In 2013, the AA was part of the Consensus Building Group, which was established by Auckland Council to explore alternative funding options.  The AA has opted not to participate in the Group in 2014, in order to more actively advocate on behalf of AA Members within the funding debate.  The AA will continue to insist that any new funding mechanisms are effective, efficient and equitable.

Road safety

The AA is one of a small number of stakeholders providing input into Auckland Transport’s Speed Limit Review and Safety Around Schools programme, as well as the analysis of Auckland sites included in the Speed Camera Expansion Programme.  In 2013, the AA was an outspoken advocate of the introduction of new red light camera technology in Auckland.  With new red light cameras now being rolled out, the AA will closely follow progress and make sure that all commitments by officials are upheld. 

Monitoring local transport decision-making

The AA regularly attends the monthly meetings of the Auckland Transport Board, to monitor its governance and decision-making processes. The AA also attends the meetings of the Auckland Council Infrastructure Committee, at which Auckland Councillors discuss regional transport initiatives, and the Budget Committee, where budgetary issues are reviewed.

Public transport and cycling

Improved public transport and cycle connections help to free up the network and provide all Aucklanders – AA Members included – with a wider range of transport options.  The AA therefore supports value-for-money investment in Auckland’s bus, rail, and cycle networks. 

Auckland Matters newsletter

Auckland Matters is the AA’s newsletter on Auckland transport infrastructure issues. The aim of the newsletter is to raise awareness, encourage debate, and push for policy approaches that we believe will help to deliver the best transport outcomes for Auckland.  Each edition focuses on a different transport theme, providing insights into the opinions of our Auckland Membership and a set of recommendations for local and central government officials.

Download Auckland Matters

Recent AA submissions on Auckland issues

The AA regularly makes submissions on issues of interest to Auckland’s motorists.

Download the AA's submission on Auckland Council's 2015-2025 Long Term Plan and Auckland Transport's 2015-2025 Regional Land Transport Plan

Download the AA's submission on Auckland Transport's Draft Parking Discussion Document

Download the AA's submission on Auckland Council’s 2014/2015 Draft Annual Plan

Download the AA's submission on Auckland Council’s Proposed Unitary Plan

2016 AGM

The AA Auckland District Council's 2016 AGM was held on Monday 22 February at 5.30pm at AA Head Office West Boardroom, Level 17, 99 Albert Street, Auckland. At the AGM the minutes of the 2015 Auckland District Council AGM were approved, a report on the District’s affairs was presented, and the Association’s annual report and balance sheet were received. Auckland AA Members may attend and vote at the Annual General Meeting. Admission to the meeting is by presentation of your current financial AA Membership card.

Download a copy of the Auckland District Council’s 2016 AGM Minutes

Download a copy of the AA’s 2012/2013 annual report and accounts

Auckland District Councillors

The AA's Auckland District Councillors are:

  • Michelle Corse Scott (Chairperson, National Councillor)
  • Mark Yates (Deputy Chair)
  • Mark Winger (AA Board Member)
  • Steven Grant (AA Board Member)
  • Paul Hesseling
  • Rachel Hutchens
  • Patrick Kelly
  • Denise Wallwork
  • Reem Barakat (Cadet)

The District Council meets monthly to discuss issues of concern to Auckland motorists, and to consider reports from the Auckland Transport Spokesperson and the Regional Manager. The AGM of the Auckland District Council is held in February each year.

Contacts for AA Members

Regional Manager: Karyn Stowers (E. kstowers@aa.co.nz)

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