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Questions about servicing your car? Faults and problems with used or new cars can be a real headache. If there is a well-known reliability issue with a car, our team of AA experts will have heard about it.

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WOF inspector passed my car with a faulty brake light

by outerphase on 3 June 2015

2 12 hours ago | by ABayliss
Mazda MPV - Fan issue?

by spikeeanthony_16 on 3 June 2015

2 14 hours ago | by ABayliss
Perishing suspension bushes and WOF

by Coolride on 2 June 2015

2 14 hours ago | by ABayliss
Brake failure on a Ford Fiesta 2005

by outerphase on 2 April 2015

3 1 day ago | by outerphase
Fully documented history of major faults to a 4 year old VW 1.2l TSi

by DavidBeach on 2 June 2015

2 2 days ago | by ABayliss
1993 Toyota Corona 2.0L Auto NZ New

by chiefswon on 1 June 2015

2 2 days ago | by ABayliss
Costs for replacing a timing belt and a timing belt tensioner

by FreErik on 30 May 2015

2 2 days ago | by ABayliss
Motor oil grade for my car

by antonjenner on 27 May 2015

4 7 days ago | by Cade
Which oil is best for my car

by mayur240781 on 22 May 2015

2 13 days ago | by ABayliss
Speedo Calibration

by chrisando on 18 May 2015

2 16 days ago | by Cade

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