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1 August 2017

Why it pays to read a CIN carefully

When you’re on the lookout for a vehicle, one of the few pieces of information any dealer is obligated to provide you is a consumer information notice – also known as a CIN. This notice will have impo... Read more

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27 July 2017

Buying a diesel

It’s been a long, long time since diesel engines were tarnished with a reputation of being a noisier and less chic alternative to the petrol-propelled vehicle, or the type of car associated primarily ... Read more

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26 July 2017

The best way to warm your car engine in the morning

No one enjoys stepping into a cold vehicle that’s been sitting outside covered in frost with the windows all fogged up. What’s the solution? Starting the car and let it idle away for 30 minutes until ... Read more

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24 July 2017

July 2017 petrol and diesel prices

Petrol and diesel prices as at 21 July 2017 Petrol prices have increased for the first time since April, up 2 cents per litre, along with diesel. Diesel prices had already risen another 2cpl a week ea... Read more

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24 July 2017

Find out about New Zealand's first EV showcase

evworld NZ is New Zealand’s first ever electric vehicles showcase. The September 9 expo at the Vodafone Events Centre in Manukau will bring together the entire EV ecosystem where you can get the oppor... Read more

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19 July 2017

Is there a right time to replace rather than repair?

Regardless of your car’s age, it’s only a matter of time before the issue of maintenance or repair raises its head. As costs mount up, is there a point where we say enough is enough? Do we fix that bl... Read more

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19 July 2017

Driving in comfort

We spend plenty of time in our car, whether we’re travelling to the bach for the holidays, ferrying the kids between classes and clubs, or stuck in gridlock, so, once you’ve found a vehicle within you... Read more

2015 Ford Ranger

18 July 2017

Utes dominating new vehicle registrations in 2017

Utes are leading the way in new vehicle sales at the mid-way point of the year, taking four of the top five spots in new vehicle registrations for 2017 so far.  The Motor Industry Association reveals ... Read more


18 July 2017

Five tips to keep your battery in top shape this winter

No one likes getting up on a cold, frosty morning, least of all your car. Starting your car in the cold may cause it to suffer from hard starting and excessive cranking, which has a huge impact on the... Read more


11 July 2017

Looking for a classic Kiwi motor?

When New Zealanders started buying cars, British models were a popular choice and, from time to time, we’re lucky to still see classics on our New Zealand roads, after they’ve been lovingly restored t... Read more

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