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18 July 2017

Five tips to keep your battery in top shape this winter

No one likes getting up on a cold, frosty morning, least of all your car. Starting your car in the cold may cause it to suffer from hard starting and excessive cranking, which has a huge impact on the... Read more


11 July 2017

Looking for a classic Kiwi motor?

When New Zealanders started buying cars, British models were a popular choice and, from time to time, we’re lucky to still see classics on our New Zealand roads, after they’ve been lovingly restored t... Read more

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10 July 2017

Things to consider when downsizing your car

Is bigger better when it comes to vehicle safety? Will it save me more money if I downsize my vehicle? These are just a couple of key questions we get from AA Members looking to replace their car with... Read more

Volvo announce electrification

6 July 2017

Volvo to roll out electric propulsion across all new models from 2019

Volvo Cars has announced that every new car it launches from 2019 will be available with an electric motor.The move, announced this week, signals one of the most significant steps towards embracing el... Read more

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28 June 2017

Get a quote before organising vehicle repairs

If your last warrant of fitness inspection or service check left you with a long to-do list, here’s how to get the best from a service provider. Estimate vs quote It may be easy to let your fingers do... Read more

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27 June 2017

Buying a deregistered vehicle

Many vehicles in New Zealand fall victim to being deregistered and if you’ve recently been searching the used car market, you’ll have found that these cars can often be snapped up for a bargain price.... Read more


26 June 2017

How airbags save lives

The concept of the airbag has been around since the 1950s. It was an American guy called John W Hetrick who came up with the idea after his car almost hit a boulder, forcing him to brake suddenly. His... Read more

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23 June 2017

Conserving your EV power this winter

Even when fully charged, most EVs can’t travel as far as petrol or diesel vehicles with a full tank of fuel. However, the average Kiwi travels a daily distance of less than 29km by car, which is easil... Read more

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22 June 2017

June 2017 petrol and diesel prices

Petrol and diesel prices as at 22 June 2017 Fuel prices have fallen again, the second time in a week, with BP dropping prices on all fuels by 2 cents per litre. Overall, pump prices have fallen 16cpl ... Read more

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21 June 2017

Reading between the lines of a used vehicle advertisement

Many of our members ask us how to describe and market their vehicle when they want to sell it. They often have difficulty describing their vehicle even when they’ve been behind the wheel of their 1984... Read more

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