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1 December 2017

Get the most out of your Japanese import’s entertainment system

Haven’t mastered the Japanese language and find yourself behind the wheel of an import staring blankly at the entertainment system? Here are a few tips to get you back into your comfort zone, and cure... Read more

Bottle Jandals

1 December 2017

Hazards around your feet

Over the last few years there have been a few reports of cars getting away on their drivers, also known as ‘unintended acceleration’. There have also been some high-profile overseas recalls in the pas... Read more

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1 December 2017

The slow death of the car alarm

They have become the electronic dawn chorus in our towns and cities, but is it time to kill the car alarm? Not only is the sound of a car alarm annoying, but the alarm itself is increasingly ineffecti... Read more

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24 November 2017

Summer sunburn

Summer, it’s a time to get out the BBQ, throw on some jandals and enjoy the great outdoors. One thing you’ll want to avoid is sunburn, and the same goes for your vehicle. Ultraviolet light can burn th... Read more

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17 November 2017

Safety – Awareness with a touch of technology

The desire to build the safest vehicles possible, those that protect their occupants and other road users, and increasing motoring safety awareness has prompted an influx of technology that revolves a... Read more

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10 November 2017

8 handy car care items to keep in the garage

When it comes to basic car care or simple tasks around the house, there are some essentials everyone should have to prevent a call to the neighbour. 1. Tyre inflator Getting in and around the garage m... Read more


27 October 2017

Improving the effectiveness of your lights

According to NZTA, issues with vehicle lighting contribute to around seven deaths and 88 injuries on our roads each year. Inadequate lighting can make it difficult for a driver to see and for their ve... Read more

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13 October 2017

Five bad driving habits that can kill your car

Poor driving habits can damage your car causing increased fuel consumption, accelerating maintenance requirements and, in some cases, resulting in total destruction. Avoid falling foul of the followin... Read more

SBF timing belt

11 October 2017

Why are we scared of cambelts?

In the ongoing quest to save the pennies and keep costs down, there is one particular stigma attached to buying a used car that can make the difference between deal or no deal. That’s right, the cambe... Read more

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2 October 2017

Are we there yet? How to get the kids road trip ready

Labour day is just around the corner which means loads of us will soon pack up our cars with togs and towels, barbecues, buckets and inflatable toys, and head off to our favourite destination for the ... Read more

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