Defensive Driving for Company Car Drivers (DD ED)

Tailored especially for your business, improve the road knowledge, risk awareness and safety of your drivers

Safer driving is not just about how well a driver can operate a vehicle, it’s as much about their attitude and behaviour when they’re driving on the road, and how well they interact with other road users.

The Defensive Driving for Experienced Drivers course (DD ED) from AA Driver Training provides a valuable opportunity for company car drivers to refresh their skills and reflect on their own driving ability, whilst at the same time improving their awareness of risk and safety on the road.

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DD ED is designed for experienced company car drivers

This is a comprehensive course run over a two and a half hour session that can be tailored for your company to include any policies or procedures that are relevant to your drivers.

Safe driving principles

The Defensive Driving for Experienced Drivers course includes the essential principles for being a safer company car driver:

  • risk management
  • searching and scanning techniques
  • identification and response to hazards
  • vehicle handling and coping strategies
  • economical driving techniques
  • law changes
  • updated driving procedures.

Reduce driving risk

The maximum class size is 20 people to allow for sufficient interaction and discussion.

It includes the important aspects of recognition and management of those attitudes and behaviours that increase driving risks, such as:

  • fatigue, stress and emotions
  • road rage incidents
  • the relationship between drink/drugs and driving.

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