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The top New Year's resolutions and how to keep them

A few weeks into 2018 and you’re probably already looking for an out-clause on those New Year’s resolutions you made at the end of last year.

Common New Year’s resolutions often include staying fit and healthy, managing finances and getting organised. Most of us know we need to prioritise things like this, but it’s hardly an appealing way to start the year – especially when beaches, barbecues and baches are calling.

Nail these resolutions easily however, and you’ll have more time to spend on the fun stuff like more time with family and friends, learning a new hobby, and travel.


There are some quick health tricks that take minimal time but deliver big results.

Staying hydrated can be a good health tip that is easy to follow. Drinking around 2 litres of water a day can bring many health benefits, such as keeping your energy levels up, reducing headaches, and flushing your kidneys of toxins.

Eating chocolate is another health hack we’re happy to follow. As long as it’s dark chocolate with 70% or more cocoa, it’s high in powerful antioxidants. Eating 150mg of dark chocolate for 5 days can increase oxygen level in the blood, which is good for our hearts.

Fitness ranks high on resolution lists, but is hard to stick to. A study by the American Cancer  Society found that exercise lowers your risk of 13 types of cancer, including breast, stomach and liver. The easy part is it takes just 10 minutes of vigorous exercise a day (jumping around to two Lady Gaga tracks), or 20 minutes of casual walking daily (take the stairs instead of the lift, park 10 minutes from your destination) to get the benefits.


Of course, we don’t know what’s around the corner for our health and wellness. Big life changes like buying a house, getting married, or having children can all come with endless to-do lists, like sorting wills and insurance.

That’s where easy organisation hacks come in. Online calculators that sort things while you’re at home with a glass of antioxidant-rich green tea are a good one. AA Life for example, has online calculators to help work out the  amount of cover that may suit you, easy-access experts and no medical checks. AA Health has multiple options for different budgets and health needs. Even better, both come with a 5% discount for AA Members.

We reckon a few minutes organising now to get a tax-free lump sum payment in case of an accident or terminal illness, manage costs better and avoid stresses like long wait lists, unsuitable treatment locations and times, is an easy resolution to keep. It'll leaving you more time later for important stuff like finally booking those guitar lessons.


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