Wellington: coffee, beer and food, food, food

Wellingtonians pride themselves on being conoisseurs of all things gastronomical, and fancy themselves the equivalent of New York’s Brooklyn or...

Cuba Street at night. © Wellington Resource Hub.

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Wellington: the coolest capital

Whichever way you come at it, Wellington is all about drama.

New Zealand on film

It’s something of a blessing and a curse that nowadays, if you say ‘New Zealand film’, most people immediately think...

Clutha: a land of giants

If you’re reading this you’re a certain kind of traveller: one who knows how the vagaries of unpredictable weather can...

Otago Peninsula: catching the wind

A peninsula provokes a certain state of mind, one of exposure to the elements and close proximity to nature.

Stewart Island Rakiura: the other (third) island

It was a slate grey day in Bluff.

Street food and markets: around the world in New Zealand

It’s a frosty morning in the deep South and I’m staying at a central B&B in Dunedin.

Porirua: the town of unintended consequences

Everyone had plans for Porirua.

Horowhenua: where the earth moves

Horowhenua once used to have a slogan that advertised the district as ‘the feel of real New Zealand.’ This was...

Tararua: a glimpse of prehistoric New Zealand

The view took his breath away.

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