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Hot Water Beach: BYO spade

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The last time you were told to bring a bucket and spade to the beach was when you were a kid, right?

So unlikely you’ll have one just, you know, lying around the back of the Legacy wagon, eh? Well, luckily can you hire them, cos you’ll need one at Hot Water Beach. A charming reminder that, when naming something, go for the ‘obvious is best’ option, this is indeed a beach where there is an element, if you will, of hot water to be enjoyed.

How so? Well, there’s the regular beach, which is mighty fine, being on the Coromandel and all. Then, as the tide goes out (or comes in), two hours either side of high, you dig a bit (or, better, get someone else to do it while you enjoy the view) and in minutes you’ll have created your very own spa pool.

Just beneath the surface is a delicious, natural underground river that brings hot water to the beach almost on tap, so to speak. Dig, put down spade, lower self in gently, relax, enjoy. Rinse, repeat.

Literally — the fun of a cold swim in the surging seas, then a little laxing back in your personal spa, makes for a brilliant day out. Pack a picnic and sit around ’neath the cliffs. All natural, and completely free. Now, where’s that damnable shovel?

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