Stay at home

Summer holidays can be kept very simple by opting to stay put. There’s joy to be had staying at home and easy ways to make summer still special.

Sling a hammock: find a shady spot under a tree or a patch of sunlight on the porch. A hammock will instantly transform a space into a relaxing haven. Grab a throw, cushions, a cup of tea and a book and simply soak up the balmy summer air.

Go fishing: you don’t need a boat to experience the satisfaction of a catch. Grab a fishing rod and head to the nearest wharf or beach to cast a line. It’s a nice chance to chat to others in the area, and compare your fortunes.

Eat outside: whether it’s at a picnic at your local park or breakfast in your own backyard, enjoying a meal outdoors is a good way to feel summery.

Explore your ‘hood: now is the chance to stumble upon a previously undiscovered café, book store, park or bush walk in your own neighbourhood. Staying put locally means you have time to explore. Lace up your walking shoes for a morning stroll, or see your hood through fresh eyes and join a walking tour. Most cities in New Zealand have guided tours, outlining the area’s local history.

Embrace the wet weather: a few rainy days here and there are as much part of a typical Kiwi summer as pohutukawa trees and barbecues. Encourage the kids to embrace the inevitable. If they make rain gauges to measure rainfall, they’ll be more inclined to accept it, even enjoy it, and if they’re up for it, let them go swimming in the rain.

Go offline: remember summer holidays before smart
phones? It really was a chance to disconnect and enjoy the present moment. Not much else says ‘I’m surrendering to summer’ than switching off your mobile phone and avoiding your computer.

Reported for our AA Directions Autumn 2020 issue

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