Car batteries

If you need a replacement battery, call our mobile fitment service or head to your nearest AA Battery stockist

Up to 43% of breakdowns we attend are battery related. If your car sounds like it's struggling to start, call AA Battery Service. Our mobile battery replacement service is available in most areas, or you can head down to your local AA Battery stockist.


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Benefits of using AA Battery Service

  • Our comprehensive range covers most vehicles, including those with stop-start systems
  • New Zealand-wide warranty of up to 3 years
  • AA Members save $25
  • We can come to you and install
  • We'll remove your old battery to be recycled and give you a $10 rebate

4WD battery benefits

  • Heavy duty batteries are tough and built to last
  • Fully sealed, maintenance free technology eliminates acid leakage
  • Expanded grid technology ensures consistent grid quality
  • Increased electrolyte volume prevents overheating
  • Hot melt glue over plates prevents vibration damage
  • Higher cold cranking amps provide greater starting power
  • Carry handle for easy installation and removal

Battery warranty periods

Our warranty periods vary depending on the battery type and what it's used for:

  • Three year warranty applies to all Premium batteries for private use vehicles
  • Two year warranty applies to all extra heavy duty, AGM and EFB batteries for private use vehicles
  • One year warranty applies to all commercial fitments
  • 6 month warranty applies to courier fitments
  • 3 month warranty applies to taxi fitments

Factors like weather, battery type, age and use can affect your battery life.
Check out the tips to take care of your battery and help extend its service life.

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There are many car battery types available.
Know more about these different battery types and what their abbreviations mean.

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