AA Preferred Dealers

Coming soon - The AA Preferred Dealer Network

The AA Preferred Dealer Network is a Motor Vehicle Trader that has been certified to meet our standards of quality.

We recommend that anyone looking to buy a used car visits an AA Preferred Dealer. Our series of checks on used cars gives drivers peace of mind that the used car they’re interested in buying isn’t hiding any secrets.

We will be announcing our first round of AA Preferred Dealers soon...

Get extra confidence when choosing your next car

Mechanical and safety defects are highlighted in the report, so you'll have a better idea of the car's mechanical state. You'll find these appraisals on cars for sale at any AA Preferred Dealer.

An AA Preferred Dealer is the best place to start looking for a used car.

What does an AA Preferred Dealer offer?

AA Odometer Verified

We check all available service records and make sure the condition of the vehicle is consistent with the reading. An AA Odometer Verified window sticker, provides assurance of an accurate odometer reading.

AA Entry Compliance

Our AA Entry Compliance inspectors carry out regulatory vehicle inspections at AA Inspection Centres and third party business partner sites on used imports. Our vehicle inspections are carried out to meet the quality standards of NZAA and regulatory requirements of NZTA. These service providers may also provide the following products: Warrant of Fitness (WoF) and Certificate of Fitness (CoF), for light motor vehicles and motorcycles.

AA Appraised Used Cars

An AA Appraised used car has received a 43 point mechanical check by the AA, which focuses on mechanical and safety aspects of the car and gives an overall evaluation of the vehicle. The AA Appraised sticker is presented on the inside of the vehicle windscreen, providing peace of mind for customers that they can have the confidence of driving a used car that has had an AA Appraisal. Valid for 3 months from the date of appraisal or 500km, whichever occurs first.