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Latest review | 22 January 2020

Mitsubishi ASX 2019 Car Review

Mitsubishi’s ASX has been a steady performer in its compact SUV class. It’s now had an overhaul, and most notably...

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22 January 2020

Kia Seltos 2019 Car Review

Just when you thought the number of different compact SUV models on our market had peaked, another enters the fray,...

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28 December 2019

Audi Q3 2019 Car Review

With small SUVs at all price points now taking up 14 per cent of our market – five per cent...

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4 December 2019

Honda Jazz 2019 Car Review

Those vehicle aficionados who check out what the major companies unveil at international car shows will have spotted a new...

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6 December 2019

Suzuki Vitara 2019 Car Review

The modern Suzuki Vitara is a bit of a two-headed beast, literally. The name no longer simply covers an unassuming...

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2 December 2019

Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV 2020 Car Review

You’ll meet plenty of people who won’t buy an electric car, and wouldn’t consider a plug-in hybrid because the tech...

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20 November 2019

Skoda Scala 2019 Car Review

It starts with an interesting name and is really a good way to describe the latest offering from ŠKODA.

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18 November 2019

Hyundai iLoad 2019 Review

Unlike passenger cars, which tend to see short model cycles and frequent updates, a van may go for a decade...

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7 November 2019

Peugeot 508 GT Wagon Car Review

Look at the sales figures today and you’ll see that SUVs take the lion’s share of our market.

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31 October 2019

Suzuki Jimny 2019 Car Review

Firstly, let’s address the elephant in the room. When it went through its rigorous ANCAP crash tests Suzuki’s new Jimny...

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