New cars

A new car could be one of the biggest purchases you make and so it's important to make sure that you have done the necessary research. The AA has a range of services and resources available to help you make an informed decision.

1. Get advice about buying a car

Our motoring advice helpline can help you find a vehicle that suits your needs.  Call 0800 500 333 or get in touch on our Ask an Expert forum

2. Research before you buy

Our AA Motoring experts have learnt a lot about cars. For further information about buying a car, take a look at some of the resources below so you're able to make an informed decision. 

3. Apply for a pre-approved AA Money vehicle loan before you shop

Why not shop with confidence? Knowing what you can spend on your new vehicle – and importantly, what you can afford – is a smart way to start your car shopping journey.

Find out more by visiting AA Money to explore your options, or call our friendly team on 0800 500 555 between 8:30 - 5:00pm Monday to Friday.

If you'd like to apply online or work out your loan repayments with the help of our online loan calculator, visit our website.

4. Find a car to buy

If you want to check a car's current value, invest in an AA Vehicle Valuation so that you know you're not paying too much, or you can ask any important questions if you feel that the price is too good be true. 

5. Arrange an AA Pre Purchase Inspection

Before you buy a used car, we recommend you get an AA Pre Purchase Inspection. This 100+ point check will give you an in-depth appraisal of a car's mechanical condition. We can come to the car or you can bring the car to us.

To book an AA Pre Purchase Inspection use the online booking form or call 0800 500 333.

6. Check the vehicle history before you buy

Before buying a used vehicle, check its history with an AA Vehicle History report. An AA Vehicle History report tells you if the car is stolen, if there's money owing on the vehicle, the ownership history, odometer history, adverse accident history and much more.

You can buy an AA Vehicle History report online or call 0800 500 333.

7. Arrange AA Car Insurance

AA Insurance offers comprehensive and third party car insurance. You must prove you have comprehensive car insurance to get an AA Car Loan. You can get a car insurance quote online or by calling 0800 500 221.

8. Finalise your AA Car Loan

You've found the car you want and organised comprehensive car insurance. Now you need to finalise your pre-approved AA Money loan.

9. Confirm whether you need AA Loan Cover Insurance

AA Loan Cover will pay your AA Car Loan repayments if you can't pay them due to redundancy, sickness, disability or death.  Ask us about AA Loan Cover when you finalise your AA Car Loan.

10. Picking up your car

You can pick up your car once you have the AA Car Loan cheque and/or we've paid the money into the seller's account.

11. Change of ownership

Register your car for change of ownership at your nearest AA Centre.