Buying a car

Cars for sale

Need some new wheels? Whether you're looking for new or used cars or just great advice from AA Experts, start your search with AA Carfair.

Before you buy

A vehicle inspection by our experienced team will help resolve any concerns so you can buy your car with confidence.

Car history check

Don't buy an insurance write-off, stolen car or a car about to be repossessed. Get an AA Vehicle History report.

For many motorists, buying a used motor vehicle goes beyond choosing the make and model that best suits their needs and budget, it’s also about who to purchase from.

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Need to get a new car but don't know where to begin? Our car buyer's guide is packed with essential information and tip & tricks to make your next car purchase a breeze.

Make an informed decision

Whether you are buying your first car, are strapped for cash or simply cannot justify the outlay for a new vehicle, here are a few tips to reduce the risk of buying a lemon.

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We conduct odometer inspections on second hand cars before they leave Japan and Singapore. Look for the AA Odometer Passed sticker on the front windscreen.

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