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Need some new wheels? Whether you're looking for new or used cars or just great advice from AA Experts, start your search with AA Carfair.

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A vehicle inspection by our experienced team will help resolve any concerns so you can buy your car with confidence.

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Don't buy an insurance write-off, stolen car or a car about to be repossessed. Get an AA Vehicle History report.

Need to buy a car but don't know where to begin? Whether it's brand new or a second hand bargain, our buyer's guide is packed with essential information and tip & tricks to make your next car purchase a breeze.

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How can you make sure you only pay a fair market value and no more - or get a bargain? Find out what a car is worth in today's market with an AA Vehicle Valuation report.

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Buying a new car? Check out the New Zealand prices of new cars direct from the distributors' price lists.

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Before you buy a new car, check the car’s crash test rating. New Car Safety Ratings provide car crash test results, indicating how safe vehicles are likely to be in the event of a crash.

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