Fuel prices and types

Our experts monitor petrol prices, explain how they're calculated and advise on petrol, diesel and biofuels

We report weekly & monthly AA Petrolwatch on fuel price changes in NZ. We include overall changes to 91 octane, 95 octane & diesel prices.

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The AA’s running costs report highlights car running costs, compares petrol vs. diesel & can help you find ways to save on car costs.

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Why do fuel prices rise? Supply & demand, investment speculation, the currency market & excise tax all have an impact on the price. Get an AA Experts view.

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How are petrol prices calculated in New Zealand & how do the prices we pay compare with the international oil & refined fuel prices? Get an AA Expert’s view.

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Petrol tax
For every litre of petrol purchased, 77.284 cents is collected by the Government as fuel excise, excluding GST. Our AA Experts look at how this breaks down.

New Zealand LPG pricing
LPG prices are not directly related to oil prices, are set internationally & reviewed monthly. Learn how the price is calculated from our team of AA Experts.

Biofuel & environmentally friendly cars
Find out about the types of biofuels available, how they compare to mineral fuels, and the cars available in New Zealand that are compatible with them.

Petrol or diesel - which one should you buy?
When buying a car should you choose petrol or diesel? There’s more to this decision than which is cheaper at the pump - we look at the factors to consider.