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Maximise the lifespan and value of your vehicle with regular servicing at AA Auto Centre. Our fully qualified mechanics can service any make or model vehicle with the latest equipment and our car services are up to 36% cheaper* than main dealer services, and are generally just as comprehensive - if not more!

The four levels of service are designed to meet the needs of cars no matter their age, condition or history, and all our work is protected by our quality guarantee for your peace of mind.

We are committed to providing a friendly straight forward service and we have been in business for over 25 years.

We have 39 locations around New Zealand.

Servicing menu

Our different levels of service are designed to meet the varying needs of vehicles, regardless of age, condition or history. We recommend a service every six months or 10,000 km. We will test or inspect fluids, filters and only recommend items that need replacing, saving you time and money in the long run.  


Petrol and diesel cars

We recommend a service every 10,000km or six months (whichever occurs first).

We have four levels of services available for both petrol and diesel, from Bronze through to Platinum using either Standard or Advanced oil.  The oil required for your vehicle will be dependent on a number of factors including age and model type.

Standard oil is a mineral or semi synthetic and is generally used in older vehicles.  Advanced oil is fully synthetic and is predominately used in newer vehicles. The selection of oil will be based on the original vehicle manufacturer specifications and the recommendation of the AA Auto Centre.

Oil required Level of service
Standard Oil - Petrol & Diesel Services        Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum
Advanced Oil - Petrol & Diesel Services Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum

When selecting your level of service this will depend on your vehicle's kilometres travelled or manufacturer recommendations and time since your last visit.

As a general guide we suggest the following service pattern. If you require more detail about vehicle servicing, please refer to the manufacturers recommendation or contact your local AA Auto Centre.

Time since last service Vehicle travelling less than
10,000kms per year
Vehicle travelling 10,000kms
per year or more
6 months   Bronze Service
12 months Silver or Gold Service Silver or Gold Service
18 months   Bronze Service
24 months Platinum Service Platinum Service
30 months   Bronze Service
36 months  Silver or Gold Service Silver or Gold Service

AA Bronze Service™ - Six month interim vehicle service

This six month, 20-point service is designed for the high mileage car user, or where the manufacturer recommends more frequent checks. This service helps maintain your vehicle and prevents unforeseen faults. Included is an engine oil change, oil filter replacement and a wide range of checks on the fundamental items.

The AA Bronze Service™ should be performed at six month intervals between annual services and takes on average 1 hour and 15 minutes to complete*.

AA Silver Service™ or AA Gold Service™ - 12 month full vehicle service

The AA Silver Service™ is a comprehensive, annual service to ensure your car is running as smoothly and efficiently as possible. The 30-point AA Silver Service™ and the 40-point AA Gold Service™ cover checks and adjustments including engine oil change, oil filter change and a road test. High quality parts and lubricants are always used. Additional items are also checked such as the drive belts, fuel filter and spark plug condition. If they need replacement, we’ll let you know. 

The AA Silver Service™ takes approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes to complete; the AA Gold Service takes around 2 hours and 15 minutes*.

AA Platinum Service™ - 24 month major vehicle service

The AA Platinum Service™ covers all areas of essential maintenance. As well as featuring the 40 checks and adjustments found in the AA Gold Service™, the comprehensive 50-point Platinum Service™ includes a wheels-off brake inspection, and rotating tyres (if required).

The AA Platinum Service™ takes approximately 3 hours to complete*.

*Service completion times are dependent on the make and model of your vehicle. For a more specific completion time, please contact your AA Auto Centre site to discuss ahead of booking.


All of our services are covered by our AA Motoring guarantee which:

  • is valid for 12 months or 20,000km (whichever occurs first) from the service date
  • covers defective new parts or service work undertaken

Please ensure you keep your original receipt as proof of purchase. 

*Figures based on a survey of 38 New Zealand dealerships, average cost was $298.31 at June 2020. Vehicle based on a 2006 Japanese vehicle, basic service with no wheels off, with an oil and filter change. Equivalent AA Auto Centre price is $179 (35% saving) and AA Member price $169 (39% saving).