AA EV Charge Finder

The AA EV Charge Finder gives Electric Vehicle drivers peace of mind in knowing exactly where their next charge is coming from.

The AA EV Charge Finder was built in collaboration with the New Zealand Transport Agency and other industry partners to collect live information from all the safe and monitored charge points across the country.

All of the charging stations available on our maps are vetted by NZTA - they meet strict requirements of safe, reliable and interoperable stations to be incorporated into the EVROAM database - which then supplies the AA's EV Charge Finder. 

There are currently over 20,000 EVs registered in New Zealand, and that number will only increase. The AA has a vital role to play in providing information that all drivers can use to make informed decisions, including where their next charge might be.

AA EV Charge Finder is all about removing the stress and range anxiety from the lives of EV drivers across New Zealand – and providing them certainty over where their next charge is coming from. 

Our 1.7 million Members can now be sure that they will know where safe and reliable charging infrastructure is located around the entire country. We're really proud to be able to provide this information to them.