Odometer inspections and checks

How can you verify the mileage is correct on a car imported from Japan or Singapore? Look for the AA Odometer Verified sticker on the front windscreen.

Odometer x 3 updated

How we carry out an odometer inspection

We conduct odometer inspections on second hand cars before they leave the port with our Odometer Verification partners Bordercheck, Japan Export Vehicle Inspection Center (JEVIC) and Jacanna.

This includes:

  • Examining all available service records to ensure they match the car's stated odometer reading
  • Checking the car's history and comparing it to all other information about the car
  • Checking the car's overall condition for signs of wear inconsistent with the odometer reading

When we're 100% satisfied, we give the car the AA Odometer Verified stamp of approval.

Always look for the AA Odometer Verified Sticker, this your assurance of an accurate odometer reading.