Recycle your plastic. Offset or reduce your carbon emissions. Avoid wasting food and be conscious of your consumption. How about sharing? Or buying recycled? We talk to people who are doing all of these things – for their communities, for the environment, for the future... 


Future post THB

Changing our world: Future Post

Kathryn Webster meets a man turning plastic waste into something practical.

Intercept Fabric Rescue THB

Upcycling for good: Intercept Fabric Rescue

Mary de Ruyter finds a team of conscientious creatives working for charity.

Mutu THB

Sharing is caring: the circular economy

Jo Percival looks into an app that is changing the cycle of consumption.

Carbon footprints THB

Paying the price: carbon credits

What’s with carbon footprints, credits and offsets? Vanessa Trethewey explains.

Nourished for Nil THB

Waste not want not: food rescue

Jo Percival meets a group on a mission to save food from being wasted.

Glass Jewellery detail THB

Old into new: recycled jewellery

Vanessa Trethewey talks to a team making beautiful jewellery out of waste products.

UBCO hilltop THB

Quiet solutions: electric farm bikes

A Kiwi-made electric farm bike is finding traction in Rotorua. Jo Percival reports.

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