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Hi there
We are considering purchasing a 2 berth UK Caravan. It is unbraked and has a max weight of just on 1000kg. We own a 2005 Rav 4 and it is recommended that the max unbraked weight is 750kg with max braked weight of 1500kg. So while it appears the RAV is capable of towing the braked weight, it’s well over the unbraked limit.Our current tow bar is only rated for 500kg unbraked.
We don’t want to run foul of any insurance issues if we ignore these limits, and also don’t want to pull the guts out of our beloved RAV.
Do you have any advice on this?


Hi there,
While following tow recommendations are not law according to the NZTA, I wouldn't like to take a chance with Insurance as they might look for any way out in the event of a towing related claim.