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First question simply regards the use of angel eye style headlights and what the legality of them is, if they can just be added as rings around the headlights. And second question is tinted headlight covers, and i know this question has been asked before but it says under the headlamp standards "Note 5 
If a headlamp is fitted with a readily removable cover, other than a clear protective cover, this must be removed for inspection of the headlamp." Which lead me to believe tinted covers would be legal if removable.


Hi there,
There are a few rules at play that must also be met for covers- The performance measure must be met at all times- not just at wof check (obscured lens, light output and beam pattern etc).
I can't say yes or no- but direct you to the rules for you to make that decision.
If you have transparent covers on, the light output must be the same as if they were not there.
With regards to angel eyes see below: It is a fail if...
Modifications, 18. A headlamp is retrofitted with a type of light source other than that specified by the vehicle manufacturer or the headlamp manufacturer (eg a headlamp designed for a halogen bulb is fitted with any other type of light source such as an HID or LED bulb, or any other light source such as LED strips or non-OEM angel eyes) (Note 8).