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I was advised by AA Henderson, after having my first Platinum Service done on a recently purchased second had car, that my battery was "testing low." They said it might just need a good solid run to work it out. Given that the battery has probably been in there for the entire 7 years of the last owner and possibly more, I am considering having the mobile battery service come out and replace it. What I would like to know is, are there any other costs involved outside of the cost of the battery? E.g. call out fee, or other fee(s)? I can't find any information on cost except for the battery estimate for my car.

Thanks in advance.

Edit: Also, do I need to have cash? Or do they take eftpos, etc?


I understand that you are a member and hence you only pay the cost of the battery. As a member you get a free delivery and fitting.
You can pay with an Eftpos
Card . We also accept credit card

Thanks for considering AA for your next battery replacement.


How much or a replacement battery for HONDA FIT 2003 FMB709? I got my last battery from AA and was told at my last service recently that it's due for replacement even though I only bought it a few years ago . How long is warranty for AA batteries?