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I'm looking at all terrain tyres for my 2019 Suzuki Jimny, primarily for better sidewall puncture resistance off-road. Online I've found quite a few options in the stock size of 195/80R15 but every retail place I've been in locally tells me that nothing is available in that size and I'll need to go for 215/75R15. Do you know if this is true or, if not, can you please recommend some all terrain tyres in the stock size? (My preferred option to keep weight and fuel economy down). If I did need to go for 215/75R15, how much of an effect could I expect, particularly for fuel economy.


Hi Elanor,
A tyre company would be the best to advise on these kind of tyres suitable for your specific application.
However, a 195/80 profile tyre could have a very similar rolling circumference size to a 215/75 and you may not experience a noticeable difference.