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I need to change the 4 tyres on my RVR 2L 1998, the ones on it is a Bridgestone 205/70R 16. 99H.
I am sure tyres have been changed a lot... I want to know which one to buy considering the following:
1. I do travel across the whole North Island for long distances
2. It is rare to be snowing but definitely all rain, sunny, windy, etc...
3. never go off road but sure might go over road work etc..
4. Cost is important but safety is more important so trying to balance

I am not sure about specifically the Brand (Bridgestone, Firestone, Kumoho or other)
ones I saw so far are
1. All Terrain Bridgestone Dueler D697
2. Highway Bridgestone Dueler
3. Firestone Destination LE02
4. kumho - solus ta11 205/70r16 97t

I am not sure if these are good or not but prices vary and that is not an exclusive list


Hi there,
All these tyres a known branded ones and I am confident in their ability. bridgestone have budget branded tyres called Dayton and Supercat, you might find it perfectly adequate for a Rav, a Dueler is an excellent tyre but may be a bit excessive for your use.