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What are the calculations needed to figure out if a car is able to safely tow a load?
AND what extras does the car need? ie towball, fitting the electronic brake system? extra cooling system?

The car
The towball
The float

I have a 2016 Ford Territory 4.0P/6A RWD
It is rated to pull 2300kg braked.
The GVW is NOT listed on the stickers in the doorframe! They are just blank, but I have found elsewhere online that it is 2590kg
Kerb weight (again found online so not 100% sure if correct) 2012kg

I am looking at buying a Boekmann Float.
Weight 898kg
Loaded max would be 2028kg
It is rated up to 2400kg


Hi there,
The rule with which to judge safe towing is that a vehicle towing a trailer (braked or un braked) must be able to stop inside the WoF brake test requirements, which is to stop inside a distance of 7-metres from a speed of 30kph.
The rest is to ensure the vehicle is capable, and will remain reliable (transmission cooler)
You may need to speak with a transmission specialist about the transmission and if a cooler upgrade is recommended.
You can find more information here: