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I am 6’ 4’’ and travel 50 kms daily to work on the Auckland motorways.
I owned a Rav 4 hybrid for a year which I loved but it caused a strain on my right thigh and hip. I have owned a Lexus 300 sedan (2015) for the past 18 months and while the strain is less it is still there and I don’t find the cabin big enough overall for me.
I want to be an environmentally friendly driver and wonder if you can recommend a suitable sedan type vehicle which is good for my height.
I will look at a hybrid or PHEV or even electric and want a recent model (past 3 years) with a budget of about $50,000 but I would pay more for the right vehicle.
Thank you
Antony Mahon


Hi Antony,
I recommend looking at a Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV or the new MG HS PHEV they are both SUV's and might accommodate a taller frame.