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I own a 1996 Nissan Terrano Regulus 3.2 diesel and want to tow a caravan weighing around 1600 - 1800kg.

I note from the AA website that my vehicle has a towing capacity of only 1500kg extendable to 2,200kg with a Nissan towing kit.

I was surprised at the low figure, considering that my 3.0 litre front wheel drive Maxima is rated at 1200kg.

Why the low figure and do you know what the towing kit consists of?

I presume that a transmission cooler is part of the kit.


From the "Ask Jack" archives - 14 December, 2009


To be honest I would be seeking advice from Nissan NZ on this question. They have a free phone number during normal business hours - 0800 808 606. Ask to speak to a technical adviser.

I note on the Best Bars web site ( that they recommend a transmission oil cooler be fitted. Best Bars manufacture most of the tow bars for the new car distributors in NZ and have many years experience under their belt.

The tech guys at Nissan should be able to confirm the need for a cooler and also tell you if there are any differences in tow bars depending on the intended load.

Don't assume that all oil coolers are the same. Allowing the oil to flow through the cooler is critical to long transmission life especially when towing under load. I have heard of some coolers acting more as a restriction to the flow than a benefit.

Once again Nissan NZ should be able to steer you in the right direction.