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I wish to improvise a small roof rack and fix it through the car roof.

It needs to be strong enough to carry three aluminium poles (sailing dinghy mast and boom).

Are there any WoF issues as a design modification or is there some sort of strength criteria it has to meet?


From the "Ask Jack" archives - 14 December, 2010


It's a hard question to answer without knowing exactly what you are intending to do.

The WoF manual states a vehicle must not be affected by corrosion or weakening of its structure, that is apparent by visual examination, so that the vehicle is unsafe to operate.

As a general guide, you should not attach any fitting of modify the roof panel within 150mm of the outside edges.

This area is considered a major structural part of the vehicle.

Also be careful drilling into the roof panel as the hood lining may need to lowered so you can sight and avoid the interior bracing that runs across the roof.

Drilling into the roof can also create water leaks and future corrosion issues.

I recommend you visit an accessory shop or a marine shop to see what universal roof racks they may offer.