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Strange as it may seem I went out to buy fish for dinner some time ago and ended up buying a 2001 VW Golf Variant instead.

I’m now starting to regret that decision.

I bought from a Dealer who was having a sale and had reduced the price by $4,000. It had travelled 44,700 odd km's and was AA odometer certified.

The odo is now showing around 60,000 km’s and to date I have spent over $3K on a bunch of different repairs including MAF sensor, steering tie rod ends and a broken cam belt which included fitting a new water pump . The dash cluster was also replaced due to an immobiliser issue.

Is there anything else to go wrong?


From the "Ask Jack" archives - 12 August 2010


Sounds like some of the major items have now been done and I would have to say there would be plenty of other owners driving a bunch of different makes and models who have spent the same on electronic sensors and tie rods etc.

The dash cluster is something of a surprise however while a broken cam belt is avoidable.

I doubt you are out of the woods totally and may never be to be honest. The Euro’s in general seem to have a reputation for electrical and electronic issues as they get older.

Regular maintenance is the only thing you can do to help avoid unwanted surprises but don’t be surprised if you are faced with the ongoing occasional hefty repair bill.

I’m sure a pre purchase vehicle inspection would have pointed out the cambelt was due for replacement.

In hindsight it would have been money well spent.