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Looking at 4x4s, specifically 2007 3.2 litre diesel turbo Pajero exceed. Very tidy example, has one NZ owner, full service history. Catch is that it’s clocked up 220,000kms. Thoughts? Priced at 16,000.
What are those motors like for repairs?
Is that a good price for this vehicle?
Or should I avoid anything like this with that high kms?



Hi there,
Generally these km's are not classed as high for diesel off-road or commercial vehicles. Mitsubishi are generally a very good and reliable vehicle- it might pay to check with a diesel specialist about when/if the injectors, pump and turbo might need overhauling. A typical vehicle in NZ would travel 10-14k a year and so normal use km's would be 120-168km as a point of reference.