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Hi. I have a new battery (two months old) 700cca which unbeknowned to me arced for approx 1.5hours and now appears dead.
What happened is a support on the bonnet on my old tractor gave way while I was using it and fell on to the positive terminal of the battery. I only became aware of it when the bonnet paint started to blister, flame, and get extremely hot. 25% of the lead on the positive terminal also melted. The green indicator on the battery is still green but no power comes out of the battery.
Is it repairable or totally a write off ?


Hi you are very lucky that the battery arced and lost all current before it could explode and cause further damage.

By the sounds of it, the battery has extensive damage to positive terminal and there is no doubt the damage to the internal (plates) would be equally harsh.
1.   Do not try to recharge this battery – it is likely to have an open circuit internally.
2.   Melted out positive terminal - do not attempt to repair.
3.   The green indicator will only shows the density of the electrolyte in one of the 6 cells in the battery - there could be damages to other cells
4.   This battery should not be used in any vehicle.

Unfortunately its gone, however it could still be recycled.