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I’m looking at a 2016 Camry with 150,000 on clock. Ex lease so has service history. Seems looked after. But Is it still too much of a risk? Can I expect any major issues in the next few years. I won’t be doing loads of driving. Less than 20,000 a year myself.

Same for a Rav 4 from 2014 with 165,000 on clock, ex rental.

I thought Toyota’s are a good bet for reliability?


Hi there,
Buying ex lease and rentals are a good way of getting a vehicle a lot more late model than otherwise would be affordable (which is great from a safety feature and technology point of view). They may be a bit worn inside (the interior) and might have received a few cosmetic touch-ups, and have higher km's than the average vehicle of the same age. Generally a well maintained vehicle than has travelled high km's in a short space of time, should not be an issue as the engine has had a lot of hot running, and regular oil changes and so on. And yes Toyota's are known for having 400,000+km on the clock and still going strong.