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I have been looking at buying a Holden Astra for my first car. I just wanted to know if there is anything I should consider before buying the car. It has 90,000km on the clock and is being sold by a dealer from a trade-in. Is this a reliable car? And how to maintenance costs compare to other similar models?

This is the car:



Hi Ben,
Unfortunately I can't say that the Astra can be said to be a reliable first car, as have been a few issues we've heard over the years as they age. However this is quite typical of a lot of European cars and more so after they reach 10 years old. They are generally fuel efficient, drive well and have good safety features for their age when compared to a Japanese one of the same year. The downside is potential for repair frequency and costs. The plus side for this car is the low km's travelled and the 12 month warranty offered by the dealer. Maybe ask what it covers and obtain an AA Pre-Purchase Inspection before you agree to buy.