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I am looking at buying a car in the next few weeks and have found two that I really like. I have a 2004 Mazda Verisa on the list and a 2007 Toyota Auris. I was just wondering which would be better. I have heard negative things about CVT transmissions and I know the toyota Auris has a CVT so I was just wanting to know if there have been many problems with CVT in the Auris. I really like the look of the Verisa as well and it is less expensive than the Auris I am looking at but I couldn't find much information about them. Are they a good car?

Any help/info would be great, thanks.


Hi there,
Both cars are reasonable cheap motoring that are known to be reliable. As they are Japanese imports, there will be little information available and the specs can vary with every model. I recommend from a safety and technology point of view, to buy the newest and safest car your budget allows. The Toyota Auris CVT has not been the subject of any common complaints of late, and there are a lot of Toyota's in the market.