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I am considering purchasing an electric car like a used Nissan Leaf. I travel overseas for work and the car could be unused for six months every year.
I am able to leave the car undercover with a power source.
Should the car be kept on the charger and if so what charge process is required.
If left to discharge will there be battery degradation or degradation under all storage scenarios ?
Is it better to stay with a combustion engine vehicle considering the long storage periods under my ownership ?


I have consulted with GVI a company that specialise in used electric vehicles.

When storing a Nissan Leaf for an extended period it is recommended to leave the battery charge at a level of around 50%.
It is very bad for the battery to be left at a high state of charge or at full charge

With either a internal combustion powered car or an EV you should also connect a trickle charger to the conventional 12v battery to keep it toped up if it is to be stored extended period of storage.

Providing these steps are followed there is no real disadvantage in purchasing an Electric vehicle.